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Second Sister

Sammy Fink; Art by Becca David


In the spring of 2021, Sam began writing the graphic novel “Second Sister”, a memoir of his maternal grandmother, Chin Jui.


Before her death, she had bestowed onmhim countless stories and memories of her life and the struggles and sacrifices that.
Informed her childhood.


Her journey from a young girl living in poverty in China to a
research scientist in America was incredibly inspiring, and with xenophobia on the rise in the U.S., he felt it would be meaningful to share her story.


“Second Sister” is a biographical story about a young Chinese girl named Chin Jui and her family whose lives are disrupted following Japan’s invasion of China in 1937.


Forced to flee their home, Chin Jui, her mother and three siblings encounter a perilous journey that would test their physical and emotional tenacity while fortifying the strength of
family amid their quest for survival.

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