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Everything I Miss(ed)
At Home

Buddah Desmond

Liquid Cat Books proudly presents "Everything I Miss(ed) At Home," by Buddah Desmond. This unique and moving collection of original poetry is about home. Home is more than a place. More than where you live. It’s both tangible and intangible. Literal and proverbial. It can be temporary or long-lasting. But all in all, home is a necessity. Home is essential.


The poetry in Everything I Miss(ed) At Home dives into the meaning of home. The place(s) we call home. Those we find (or don’t find) within our families, friends, communities, and most importantly, within ourselves. There are points in our journey when home may come into question. When we’re lost… When we’re trying to find our way… When we have to create home elsewhere. In our most intimate relationships, we can often find or create home within others. What happens when the home we found in others no longer feels like home? Do we stay? Do we work it out? Or do we walk away?

The journey, whether going back home or creating / finding a new home, is one of great transition and transformation. So many priceless lessons are learned along the way. Reflections remind us of all we loved, all we cherished, all we lost, all we gained, all we took for granted, and all we miss(ed). One thing’s for sure, when we’re home—everything will make sense again… Everything will feel right in the world again.

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