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Mason's 8th @ ZooTech
  • Mason's 8th @ ZooTech

    It’s 2034, most animals are extinct. In their place is a marriage of smartphone tech and sophisticated artificial intelligence: “Buddies.” Ranging from doll-like animatrons to fully realized beasts, Buddies serve and entertain humanity. Ricky Ensler, a disaffected venture capitalist, is about to throw his son Mason an elaborate 8th birthday party and he’s fairly certain he knows just what kind of Buddy Mason will ask for: a tiger. But there's something more lurking in Ricky's mind as the festivities loom. Mason's 8th is a parable on the emotional consequences of human inaction in the face of global catastrophe. It's an exploration of what happens when comfort overpowers joy, safety overtakes struggle, and pride supersedes passion. It's a story through one man's fragmented memories of how love and technology are becoming inescapably intertwined.

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