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Sir Reality EBOOK

Sir Reality EBOOK

"Who am I, you ask? I am Reality, of course. I control what you see. I create the things you experience.

Your conception of me is mistaken, indubitably erroneous. I am not a static entity. I shall reveal to you my distortions; my infinitude of experiences, of thoughts and feelings; my ability to metamorphose into your darkest thoughts.

Perhaps one day you’ll take a step outside your home, ready for school or work or whatever it might be, and before you will unravel a horrific sight: human organs sprouting from trees, skin blanketing the earth, and a blood-rain pitter-pattering atop the fleshy surface

Or maybe you’ll awake one morning to find that the world has been devastated by a unique phenomenon that turns people into the food they’ve eaten. What would you do knowing that the only way to survive is to eat food that was once a living, breathing human?

Oh, I have so much to show you …"

-Sir Reality

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