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The Ghost of Me
  • The Ghost of Me

    Deanna O'Neal's stunning second release of original poetry and artwork! Liquid Cat Publishing presents "The Ghost of Me," available NOW! For a Halloween special, there are 31 limited edition art + book bundles, with a hardcover copy, original art print, stickers, and more!


    A full-color paperback and ebook are also available!




    Gather around.

    Let me shed light.

    As we step among buried bones,

    where souls were lost to night.


    Like weary travelers,

    walking solemn and tattered.

    Let me shed light,

    on all the stones scattered.


    And when we stand among the graves,

    with hope to see a glimmer

    of a soul that still exists,

    to explain that eerie shimmer.


    We’ll wonder how a strange shadow

    is so iridescently haunting.

    While I carry the lantern,

    through the dark and daunting.

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