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"The Pretty Pretty Dark"

"The Pretty Pretty Dark"



"The Pretty Pretty Dark" by Deanna O'Neal - This book is not meant for the faint of heart. Some of these poems are very personal,  raw, and emotional. After all, this is my life. Twenty years I have walked this path of  writing. Come with me on this journey of intricately weaving my life together, into this  art within art. This dream within a nightmare. Intertwined in the strangest, darkest, and  whimsical ways.


Available in Four Versions:

1. Ebook (please specific PDF, EPUB, or Kindle Edition)

2. Full Color Paperback

3. Heritage Quality Color Hardcover Edition

4. Hardcover + Exclusive Art Bundle

  • Art Bundle Info

    Art Bundle includes hardcover edition of "The Pretty Pretty Dark," and an exclusive art print from the author.

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