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second collection from olivia rose out now! 
"Wolves in the High Desert"

Liquid Cat Books proudly presents “Wolves in the High Desert,” by Olivia Rose.


This book is for those who have lost themselves multiple times, just to be seen. This book is for those who seek comfort from the pain around them and for those who are struggling daily trying to figure out who they truly are to say you are not alone, there is someone right there with you, along this path of self-discovery and identity.


Sometimes we lose ourselves in the hopes that others will find us. Sometimes we lose ourselves to blend in with the crowd. Sometimes we lose ourselves because we are the problem. It's okay to be lost in this world without understanding who you are or where to go from here. It's  okay to constantly be searching for yourself. Others are too.


It's about remembering not to take life too seriously. Giving yourself some grace and open your heart to all the possibilities. You are right where you are meant to be.


This collection of poetry is about the death and rebirth of identity through failed and successful relationships, the questioning of religion, and the homecoming to oneself. Keep your heart open and refrain from any judgment. We will go through this world




Liquid Cat Books proudly presents “Coming Up From the Downside: Finding Joy in Our Song,” by Buddah Desmond. This soul-stirring collection of poetry is about adversity, healing, and resilience. As the saying goes, “Life be lifing.” At different points, we encounter challenges, trials, and tribulations. Expected and unexpected. Some we may be equipped to face. Others we have to figure out as we go along. It’s not easy, but we find a way to pull through. 


Be it pain, grief, depression, health, heartbreak, or other issues, we overcome. Thanks in large part to faith, real love, and the joy that sustains us through it all. Cause being down is a temporary state. We’re not letting the downside claim us. We’re getting up. Coming up from the downside.

Buddah Desmond (aka BDez) is a writer, poet, singer, artist, cook/baker, and health + wellness advocate based in the DMV. He is the author of six poetry collections. “Coming Up From the Downside: Finding Joy in Our Song” is his second collection published with Liquid Cat Books. He is a member of Gamma Xi Phi, and has served as a healing leader in the DC-based arts + faith + social justice organization, The Sanctuaries.



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Steeped in Southern California. Olivia Rose is a poet and a healer. She is always trying to learn. Writing from the heart is her passion. Ms. Rose wants her book to bring out the poetry in its readers. She invites you to come along on a journey of Soul Purpose.

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in”

Robert Louis Stevenson

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