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What does it mean to be an introvert in a world that values being an extrovert?


How do you cope with the challenges and joys of solitude, creativity, and introspection?


In this moving collection of poems and illustrations, Taylor Collins invites you to explore the inner workings of an introverted mind. Through honest and heartfelt reflections, the author shares their thoughts and feelings on topics such as love, friendship, identity, anxiety, and happiness.  "Ramblings of an Introvert" is a book for anyone who has ever felt misunderstood, alone, or different; it celebrates the power and beauty of being yourself.


Available now!

Now Available!

"Gay Enough" is a new original collection of queer poetry from Lexie McEntire, presented by Liquid Cat Books. This collection of lyrical, honest and thought-provoking poems explores queer identity and the complexities of today's world. McEntire's writing invites readers to think deeply about their own lives and experiences, and to find strength and joy in their own identities. Through her words, she encourages readers to be proud of who they are, and to find joy and hope in the beauty of being 'gay enough'.



Grab a copy from our store or Amazon now!

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Available Now!
"Everything I Miss(ed) At Home"

Liquid Cat Books proudly presents "Everything I Miss(ed) At Home," by Buddah Desmond. This unique and moving collection of poetry is about home. Home is more than a place. More than where you live. It’s both tangible and intangible. Literal and proverbial. It can be temporary or long-lasting. But all in all, home is a necessity. Home is essential. 


Reflections remind us of all we loved, all we cherished, all we lost, all we gained, all we took for granted, and all we miss(ed). One thing’s for sure, when we’re home—everything will make sense again. Everything will feel right in the world again. 


"Everything I Miss(ed) At Home" by Buddah Desmond releasing January 22, 2023 on our website and Amazon!

New Release!
"In Case This is the Last Time"

Liquid Cat Books proudly presents "In Case This is the Last Time," by Lauren Orozco. Traverse through mountains, drive along the coast, plunge into valleys where love, laughter, heartache, or grief could all meet you at the next curve in the road. Roll down the windows to feel the hostile heat of a Los Angeles heatwave and feel the temperature rise and drop as you venture deeper and higher into the heart and soul just “In Case This is the Last Time.”


Writing from both California and Montana, Lauren Orozco asks you to hop into the cab of her pick-up truck and hit those long stretches of road that make up our lives. This collection collection features unique poetry, photographs, and art. Hardcover edition in full color.

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New Release!
"Sir Reality"

"Who am I, you ask? I am Reality, of course. I control what you see. I create the things you experience.

Your conception of me is mistaken, indubitably erroneous. I am not a static entity. I shall reveal to you my distortions; my infinitude of experiences, of thoughts and feelings; my ability to metamorphose into your darkest thoughts.

Perhaps one day you’ll take a step outside your home, ready for school or work or whatever it might be, and before you will unravel a horrific sight: human organs sprouting from trees, skin blanketing the earth, and a blood-rain pitter-pattering atop the fleshy surface

Or maybe you’ll awake one morning to find that the world has been devastated by a unique phenomenon that turns people into the food they’ve eaten. What would you do knowing that the only way to survive is to eat food that was once a living, breathing human?

Oh, I have so much to show you …"

Sir Reality

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New Science Fiction Release!
"Mason's 8th @ ZooTech"

It’s 2034, most animals are extinct. In their place is a marriage of smartphone tech and sophisticated artificial intelligence: “Buddies.” Ranging from doll-like animatrons to fully realized beasts, Buddies serve and entertain humanity. Ricky Ensler, a disaffected venture capitalist, is about to throw his son Mason an elaborate 8th birthday party and he’s fairly certain he knows just what kind of Buddy Mason will ask for: a tiger. But there's something more lurking in Ricky's mind as the festivities loom. Mason's 8th is a parable on the emotional consequences of human inaction in the face of global catastrophe. It's an exploration of what happens when comfort overpowers joy, safety overtakes struggle, and pride supersedes passion. It's a story through one man's fragmented memories of how love and technology are becoming inescapably intertwined.


There’s Nothing Like a Good Book!

At Liquid Cat Publishing, we are always working hard to publish and promote exciting new books. Browse some of our best-selling titles below!

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Julia Lee Barclay-Morton

Releasing October 15!

THE MORTALITY SHOT is a hybrid collection of stories, essays, and experimental stage text that meditates directly or indirectly on mortality. Julia wrote the earlier work in the collection about grieving others deaths; more recent pieces include facing her own mortality
thanks to long-haul COVID complications that landed her in the hospital.


Justy Kosek


A riveting science fiction novel about Ricky Ensler, who once passionately mapped out a life in environmental studies and activism, throwing his son Mason an elaborate 8th birthday party. Ricky, now a venture capitalist in a near future where animals are all but extinct, finds himself unraveling on the eve of the festivities. As Ricky reflects on his past ambitions and the romance that sparked them, he tumbles simultaneously through a decade of difficult memories and a handful of shaky hours in his present. When Mason decides to bring home a robotic tiger, Ricky finds himself losing touch with his son as profoundly as he lost touch with his youthful passions and the greatest love of his life

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Sabrina Rosa O'Reilly

Updated second edition!

Writing from Los Angeles, Sabrina Rosa O'Reilly echoes the beauty of everyday observations and experiences. Filled with emotion, passion, and longing, "Go With Me and See" asks the reader to come along on a snaking journey through the sunny, crowded, but melancholy streets of Southern California.


Olivia Rose

Warning: This is a book full of raw emotion.

Liquid Cat Publishing House proudly presents the debut of a strong Black female voice exploring modern experiences. With poignancy and honesty, Ms. Rose dives into relatable and raw moments in life and in love. Combining evocative imagery and unique style, this book of poems distills exhilarating highs and heartbreaking lows into stanzas and verse. "Soul Purpose" aims for a journey of self-exploration that encourages reader participation. What is your Soul Purpose?

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Deanna O'Neal

This book is not meant for the faint of heart. Some of these poems are very personal,  raw, and emotional. After all, this is my life. Twenty years I have walked this path of  writing. Come with me on this journey of intricately weaving my life together, into this  art within art. 

Available in full color as a Ebook, premium paperback, and heritage quality hardcover. Order Now!


Lloyd Anesu Ngongoni

Writing from Zimbabwe, Lloyd Anesu Ngongoni explores love, heartache, and ultimately, healing in this moving collection of original poetry. With a unique voice, Ngongoni dives into moments and feelings we can all relate to. "In the Deep" takes the reader all the way down to the dark parts of our emotions, but gives the reader the oxygen they need to breathe and grow. This is the author's first collection with Liquid Cat Books.

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Anna Stefanic

A collection about mental illness and trauma, each poem in "Safety" is handwritten using the safety pens given during a psychiatric hospitalization. A raw lyrical exploration of a journey of integrating and embracing the past and present parts of yourself.


Jakob Sergei

Spend a week in the neon-soaked shoes of Private Eye Phil Kloos as he navigates the grimy underbelly of seaside city Melancholy Hill. When a rich woman asks Kloos to take photos of a seedy back-room gambling ring, the detective falls down a neon rabbit-hole filled with murder, mystery, and designer drugs. Welcome to Melancholy Hill. Welcome to NEON NOIR.


Thanks to our talented authors, we can publish books to satisfy every literary taste. While they come from different walks of life, our authors all have something in common - a passion for writing. Read on to learn more about them.




Steeped in Southern California. Olivia Rose is a poet and a healer. She is always trying to learn. Writing from the heart is her passion. Ms. Rose wants her book to bring out the poetry in its readers. She invites you to come along on a journey of Soul Purpose.

Old Book

“I kept always two books in my pocket, one to read, one to write in”

Robert Louis Stevenson

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